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23 months ago


  • 2e3077d "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 53e49e5 Merge pull request #5263 from lioncash/uninit
  • bcafef4 half_set: Resolve -Wmaybe-uninitialized warnings
  • dab7711 Merge pull request #5260 from lioncash/uninit
  • f0d9ab0 maxwell_to_vk: Initialize usage variable in SurfaceFormat()
  • da07977 Merge pull request #5251 from ReinUsesLisp/wuninitialized
  • d5fe722 Merge pull request #4967 from ReinUsesLisp/new-texcache
  • 9764c13 video_core: Rewrite the texture cache
  • ac2e2eb cmake: Enforce -Wuninitialized
  • 157fc2d service/pcie: Fix invalid initialization argument
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  • 9106ac1 video_core: Add a delayed destruction ring abstraction
  • 21b1805 host_shaders: Add Vulkan assembler compute shaders
  • 87ff58b host_shaders: Add helper to blit depth stencil fragment shader
  • ae5725b host_shaders: Add texture color blit fragment shader
  • 64fbf31 host_shaders: Add shaders to present to the swapchain
  • 82b7dae host_shaders: Add shaders to convert between depth and color images
  • dc81a90 host_shaders: Add compute shader to copy BC4 as RG32UI to RGBA8
  • 5169ce9 host_shaders: Add shader to render a full screen triangle
  • 59c46f9 host_shaders: Add pitch linear upload compute shader
  • 12d1624 host_shaders: Add block linear upload compute shaders
  • f20e18f host_shaders: Add copyright headers to OpenGL present shaders
  • 95d156a video_core/host_shaders: Add support for prebuilt SPIR-V shaders
  • 85cfd96 Merge pull request #5247 from comex/xx-concepts
  • b02464f Merge pull request #5246 from comex/xx-include
  • 8d55c8c Merge pull request #5248 from ReinUsesLisp/update-dynarmic
  • 3f048c8 externals: Update Dynarmic
  • 388cf58 k_priority_queue: Fix concepts use
  • b36896b Add missing include of "core/hle/kernel/kernel.h"
  • aa87278 Merge pull request #5245 from ameerj/sleepthread-log
  • 0383363 svc: demote SleepThread log to LOG_TRACE

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