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23 months ago


  • c788cba "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 29ccc76 Merge pull request #5042 from Morph1984/project-aether
  • 82fa9f8 applets/web: Implement the online web browser applet
  • 51cddcb applets/web: Fix keyboard to emulated controller input
  • 2ddd83c main: Add the ability to disable the web applet
  • 8b95bf0 main, applets/web: Re-add progress dialog for RomFS extraction
  • 93cb783 applets/web: Implement the Qt web browser applet frontend
  • d5e0923 web_browser_scripts: Add injection scripts for the web browser
  • d46ca5a pl_u, applets/web: Decrypt shared fonts to TTF files
  • 4618329 ns_vm: Stub NeedsUpdateVulnerability
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  • f9653a4 frontend/input_interpreter: Add InputInterpreter API
  • 54ea3c4 controllers/npad: Make press_state atomic
  • 5836786 util: Add URL Request Interceptor for QWebEngine
  • 51a7681 bootmanager: Add a check whether loading is complete
  • d6d1a8e applets/web: Implement the default web browser applet frontend
  • 89df483 applets/web: Implement the offline browser applet backend
  • a5750f4 applets/web: Initial implementation of the web browser applet
  • ccb439e applets: Remove the previous web browser applet implementation

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