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yuzu 474

23 months ago


  • 16f7bf7 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 37bec06 Merge pull request #5157 from lioncash/array-dirty
  • df6427d Merge pull request #5168 from Morph1984/aoc-PurchaseEventManager
  • deff708 IPurchaseEventManager: Implement GetPurchasedEventReadableHandle
  • a9cfe06 IPurchaseEventManager: Stub Set(Default)DeliveryTarget
  • 009bdb3 aoc_u: Stub Create(Permanent)EcPurchasedEventManager
  • 9e7a1f1 maxwell_3d: Move member variables to end of class
  • ce0712b maxwell_3d: Resolve -Wdocumentation warning
  • bcc5c44 maxwell_3d: Remove unused dirty_pointer array

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