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24 months ago


  • c5777ad "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 6d61154 Merge pull request #5176 from Morph1984/fix-createfile
  • b06d6e3 vfs_real: Fix CreateFile for files without a file extension
  • 5fe55b1 Merge pull request #5174 from ReinUsesLisp/fs-fix
  • 5329834 common/file_util: Fix and deprecate CreateFullPath, add CreateDirs
  • 52f13f2 common/file_util: Succeed on CreateDir when the directory exists
  • e94dd7e Merge pull request #5142 from comex/xx-poll-events
  • ce5fcb6 Merge pull request #5173 from lioncash/common-fs
  • 20aad9e file_util: Migrate remaining file handling functions over to std::filesystem
  • 6f41763 Merge pull request #5166 from lioncash/log-cast
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  • 05a703e Merge pull request #5135 from Morph1984/applets-shadow
  • 0e54aa1 file_util: Migrate Exists() and IsDirectory() over to std::filesystem
  • aeb100c Merge pull request #5171 from lat9nq/ci-unicorn-cleanup
  • f1d633c ci: Remove -DYUZU_USE_BUNDLED_UNICORN=ON
  • 6057dc4 Merge pull request #5167 from lioncash/doc-memory
  • a44ff5e memory: Resolve -Wdocumentation warning for Write()
  • 00c6254 Merge pull request #5156 from comex/xx-raws
  • 6b7320a core: Remove unnecessary enum casts in log calls
  • 2dce2be configure_motion_touch: Fix unescaped backslash in regex
  • 0791082 network, sockets: Replace POLL_IN, POLL_OUT, etc. constants with an enum class PollEvents
  • f6d4a28 applets: Resolve variable shadowing

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