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yuzu 462

24 months ago


  • a59d433 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 51e6f82 Merge pull request #5165 from lioncash/copy-controller
  • 215cfbb controller: Use std::move within ConvertToFrontendParameters()
  • 97dd67a controller: Avoid unnecessary copies in ConfigurationComplete()
  • 607bb8d Merge pull request #5020 from german77/AnalogfromButtonFix
  • b57ba7b Disable analog joystick from buttons by default
  • 3415890 Merge pull request #5164 from lioncash/contains
  • 4bd74ed Merge pull request #5163 from lioncash/concat
  • f782aec Merge pull request #5153 from comex/xx-unix
  • 09fa1d6 video_core: Make use of ordered container contains() where applicable
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  • 45c5b08 ast: Improve string concat readability in operator()
  • 5cd051e Merge pull request #5149 from comex/xx-map-interval
  • 0e122c1 CMakeLists,network: Create YUZU_UNIX macro to replace unix
  • b8fbf69 map_interval: Change field order to address uninitialized field warning

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