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3 years ago


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  • 0e8a3bf buffer_cache: Add missing includes (#3079)
  • 344d15f Merge pull request #3070 from ReinUsesLisp/shader-warnings
  • ff5a0f3 shader/control_flow: Specify constness on caller lambdas
  • 7b06925 shader/control_flow: Use callable template instead of std::function
  • 46c3047 shader/control_flow: Abstract repeated code chunks in BRX tracking
  • ae7dfa9 shader/control_flow: Silence Intellisense cast warnings
  • deb1b54 shader/control_flow: Remove brace initializer in std containers
  • 39c66ab shader/decode: Reduce severity of arithmetic rounding warnings
  • c4374d0 shader/arithmetic: Reduce RRO stub severity
  • 35d40b7 shader/texture: Remove NODEP warnings

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