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24 months ago


  • 2171e34 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • fad38ec Merge pull request #5064 from lioncash/node-shadow
  • defa826 Merge pull request #5061 from lioncash/pessimizing
  • 69aaad9 Merge pull request #4996 from bunnei/use-4jits
  • edd8208 node: Mark member functions as [[nodiscard]] where applicable
  • 7cf34c3 node: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • 843ef8f Merge pull request #5059 from lioncash/mouse
  • cf9767c vp9/vic: Resolve pessimizing moves
  • 424bffc mouse_poller: Remove unused includes
  • 16aadcc mouse_input: Invert conditional in UpdateYuzuSettings()
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  • 3959971 mouse_input: Remove two casts and amend some formatting
  • 5842a76 mouse_input: Resolve a -Wdocumentation warning
  • 774d7ea mouse_input: Remove unused includes
  • 4b9e1b6 kernel: scheduler: Minor cleanup to remove duplicated code.
  • b7ef581 kernel: time_manager: Protect access with a mutex.
  • 24cae76 common: fiber: Use VirtualBuffer for stack memory.
  • c2ad124 hle: kernel: thread: Remove unused "Running" state.
  • 63fd1bb core: arm: Implement InvalidateCacheRange for CPU cache invalidation.
  • c087031 hle: kernel: time_manager: Avoid a crash on process exit.
  • 9705f65 hle: kernel: AddressArbiter: Remove unused code.
  • 9423347 hle: kernel: SynchronizationObject: Use atomic_bool for is_signaled.
  • c042a89 common: fiber: Use boost::context instead of native fibers on Windows.
  • 7b642c7 hle: kernel: multicore: Replace n-JITs impl. with 4 JITs.

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