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2 years ago


  • ce842e5 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • e0d30fc Merge pull request #5031 from ogniK5377/temp_mix_buffer-remove
  • d7019d8 audio_core: Remove temp_mix_buffer
  • d9b729b Merge pull request #5015 from comex/xx-sign-compare
  • 1fde40b Merge pull request #5011 from lioncash/file-str2
  • fca87cf Merge pull request #5014 from comex/xx-invalid-offsetof
  • 32f3b6b CMakeLists: disable -Winvalid-offsetof
  • 3dc310b tests: Fix warning about comparison between signed and unsigned
  • 1dbe39f Merge pull request #5028 from lioncash/final-system
  • 5bc4eab core: Eliminate remaining usages of the global system instance
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  • f397edf Merge pull request #5023 from lioncash/save-global
  • 073e07a savedata_factory: Eliminate usage of the global system instance
  • 9d3d0ae core: Reduce string copies in GetGameFileFromPath()

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