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  • e07dfc4 ci: Rename build folder only on non-mainline builds
  • 63d3013 Merge pull request #3077 from yuzu-emu/revert-3073-azure-rename-partial
  • f1e4f3f Revert "ci: Rename build folder only on non-mainline builds"
  • 4685762 Merge pull request #3057 from ReinUsesLisp/buffer-sub-data
  • 4d66ca9 Merge pull request #3076 from DarkLordZach/telem-names
  • c1a3d19 Merge pull request #3062 from bunnei/event-improve
  • 654b77d Merge pull request #3039 from ReinUsesLisp/cleanup-samplers
  • 0c8b6b0 ci: Populate build repository from Azure environment
  • 9a62f53 Merge pull request #3073 from DarkLordZach/azure-rename-partial
  • 65bed66 ci: Rename build folder only on non-mainline builds
  • 0e34f64 Merge pull request #2859 from Morph1984/hid
  • 21e07df Merge pull request #2914 from FernandoS27/fermi-fix
  • 62a3d59 Merge pull request #3045 from lioncash/zlib-tests
  • 4dc068a Merge pull request #3065 from bunnei/zero-init-padding
  • 1bdae0f common_func: Use std::array for INSERT_PADDING_* macros.
  • ece5287 kernel: readable_event: Signal only once.
  • b0ab803 kernel: events: Remove ResetType::Automatic.
  • 28bb248 kernel: readable_event: Initialize members.
  • 442a1cc gl_rasterizer: Re-enable stream buffer memory due to global memory
  • 76ca2a5 gl_rasterizer: Upload constant buffers with glNamedBufferSubData
  • a993df1 shader/node: Unpack bindless texture encoding
  • 1643af4 externals: Track upstream libzip
  • c2486f7 externals: Amend zlib submodule
  • c0eb1ae Fermi2D: Use a different formula for delimiting blit areas.
  • 57a46c6 Fermi2D: limit blit area to only available area
  • c1e9ca4 hid: Stub SetNpadJoyAssignmentModeSingle and reorganize service commands

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