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2 years ago


  • 9388ab6 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 322349e Merge pull request #4975 from comex/invalid-syncpoint-id
  • ebcee03 Merge pull request #4981 from ogniK5377/ioctl-ctrl
  • b70751c Merge pull request #5003 from jbeich/clang
  • e48e9a4 input_common: ignore some Clang warnings after 5c4774e
  • 0e15c68 Merge pull request #4976 from comex/poll-events
  • b834c21 Merge pull request #4946 from ameerj/alpha-test
  • d52ee6d cleanup unneeded comments and newlines
  • dcfa199 Merge pull request #4959 from Morph1984/emulated-controller-styleset
  • b7f1095 Merge pull request #4932 from ogniK5377/misc-audio
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  • e87670e Refactor MaxwellToSpirvComparison. Use Common::BitCast
  • 1dbf71c Address PR feedback from Rein
  • 9014861 vulkan_renderer: Alpha Test Culling Implementation
  • e8b2fd2 nvdrv, video_core: Don't index out of bounds when given invalid syncpoint ID
  • ab25d1f nvservices: Reintroducee IoctlCtrl [ #4907 ]
  • 994f497 Overhaul EmuWindow::PollEvents to fix yuzu-cmd calling SDL_PollEvents off main thread
  • 8758378 applets/controller: Use a pair of emulated controller index to controller type
  • 102630f configure_input_player: Use the npad style set to show the available controllers
  • 908d3c5 Addressed changes
  • 9a4beac audren: Make use of nodiscard, rework downmixing, release all buffers

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