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2 years ago


  • 0b08127 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 9aeada7 Merge pull request #4978 from bunnei/shutdown-crash
  • d1da7eb Merge pull request #4905 from german77/AnalogFromButton
  • 0832da3 Merge pull request #4799 from bunnei/execute-program
  • 3359e5a core: cpu_manager: Fix shutdown crash when closing before emulation starts.
  • 4fbe4da frontend: yuzu (qt): Register a callback for ExecuteProgram.
  • 4fb5ca8 service: am: Implement ExecuteProgram and required stubs.
  • 5f75d97 core: loader: Implement support for loading indexed programs.
  • 7791cc8 hle: services: Fix a crash with improper NVFlinger lifetime management. (#4977)
  • f511034 fix minor clang error
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  • 70df449 Allow to dial any angle with digital joystick

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