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2 years ago


  • 207e181 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • fbda5e9 Merge pull request #3681 from lioncash/component
  • 410ed82 Merge pull request #4942 from lioncash/system
  • 7afb7a9 Merge pull request #4972 from lioncash/unused4
  • 6694e11 input_common: Fix typo in gc_poller.cpp with [[maybe_unused]].
  • 5ec6a26 Merge pull request #4980 from bunnei/error-fixup [ #4927 ]
  • 7fb7540 input_common: Add more missing [[maybe_unused]] from #4927.
  • d04abd3 Fix warnings in core/frontend/input.h with [[maybe_unused]] [ #4927 ]
  • e371d12 Merge pull request #4927 from lioncash/input-error
  • 5d14478 Merge pull request #4451 from slashiee/extended-logging
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  • 874be0e svc: Remove unnecessary [[maybe_unused]] tag
  • 5c4774e input_common: Treat warnings as errors
  • aaf262b core: Remove unused private Init function for the System class
  • bcaadac core: Make use of [[nodiscard]] with the System class
  • 43ce33b logging/settings: Increase maximum log size to 100 MB and add extended logging option
  • 24620bc decode/image: Fix typo in assert in GetComponentSize()
  • b178c9a decoder/image: Fix incorrect G24R8 component sizes in GetComponentSize()

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