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2 years ago


  • f992b04 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 5502f39 Merge pull request #4955 from lioncash/move3
  • ba3dd7b Merge pull request #4960 from liushuyu/master
  • afd0e2e Merge pull request #4907 from ogniK5377/nvdrv-cleanup
  • 185bf3f ci: install Vulkan SDK in MSVC build
  • d88baa7 Merge pull request #4957 from ReinUsesLisp/alpha-test-rt
  • acc14d2 gl_rasterizer: Remove warning of untested alpha test
  • b00f4ab Merge pull request #4953 from lioncash/shader-shadow
  • 01db5cf async_shaders: emplace threads into the worker thread vector
  • ba3916f async_shaders: Simplify implementation of GetCompletedWork()
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  • 3fcc98e async_shaders: Simplify moving data into the pending queue
  • 5b441fa async_shaders: std::move data within QueueVulkanShader()
  • b7cd5d7 shader_bytecode: Make use of [[nodiscard]] where applicable
  • 56ecafc shader_bytecode: Eliminate variable shadowing
  • fc4d692 Addressed issues
  • 31c12de core: Make nvservices more standardized

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