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2 years ago


  • bc7c764 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • abda366 Merge pull request #4866 from Morph1984/mjolnir-p3-prod
  • 2dc9dbb Merge pull request #4933 from lioncash/nodisc-gpu
  • 70812ec rasterizer_interface: Make use of [[nodiscard]] where applicable
  • a780215 render_base: Make use of [[nodiscard]] where applicable
  • b928fca gpu: Make use of [[nodiscard]] where applicable
  • e7e8a87 sdl_impl: Pump SDL Events at 1000 Hz
  • b254d52 configure_input: Accommodate for the mouse input device engine
  • ad50209 hid: Reimplement Begin/EndPermitVibrationSession
  • d8ad2f3 controllers/npad: Load input devices on init
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  • 6f5b942 configure_input: Update the input profiles for other player tabs
  • 97b2220 general: Fix compiler warnings on linux and miscellaneous changes
  • 117bdc7 sdl_impl: Revert to the "old" method of mapping sticks
  • 760a9e8 applets/controller: Change the input button to create input profiles
  • 30e0d1c controllers/npad: Remove the old vibration filter
  • 91c06da input: Disconnect a controller prior to connecting a new one
  • 978ca65 hid: Implement InitializeVibrationDevice and IsVibrationDeviceMounted
  • e9e1876 input_common: Add VibrationDevice and VibrationDeviceFactory
  • 38110dd configure_input: Add per-player vibration
  • d6a41cf settings: Remove global vibration strength modifier
  • 92fa525 hid: Mark Begin/EndPermitVibrationSession as stubs
  • 373408a controllers/npad: Send an empty vibration on destruction/deactivation
  • 70f16f1 hid: Stub IsVibrationDeviceMounted
  • 9b501af controllers/npad: Add heuristics to reduce rumble state changes
  • 652d676 configure_input: Hook up the vibration percentage spinbox
  • e02ef3c controllers/npad: Stop games from vibrating incorrect controllers
  • 07b81f5 hid: Fix controller rumble based on new research
  • 31de525 hid: Pop a struct of parameters instead of popping individual parameters
  • e3c2749 hid: Reorder all HID commands
  • b92bf51 hid: Implement GetVibrationDeviceInfo
  • 16e2e1c hid: Stub InitializeVibrationDevice
  • 428ce8e controllers/npad: Rename NPadType to NpadStyleSet
  • 0a966e2 controllers/npad: Add DeviceHandle struct
  • ceb7b11 configure_input_player: Change "Defaults" button behavior
  • 8f2959f settings: Preparation for per-game input settings
  • 8ead176 udp/client: Reduce testing period to 5 seconds
  • 64e1742 config: Migrate config files into config/custom
  • c0c4ed0 controllers/npad: Connect a controller on init if none are connected
  • 5cafa70 applets/controller: Auto accept a valid single player configuration
  • 484623c bootmanager: Allow mouse clicks only if touch is disabled
  • 57d89e2 input_profiles: Implement input profiles
  • 75eaab2 configure_input_player: Implement input exclusivity and persistence
  • 9d4edd4 ui/themes: Cleanup UI

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