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2 years ago


  • a479698 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 98f68d0 Merge pull request #4853 from ReinUsesLisp/fcmp-imm
  • 6db0c0d Merge pull request #4872 from jbeich/clang
  • 14a97d0 CMakeLists: Resolve MSVC build failures
  • 50e52ad video_core: unbreak -Werror in NVDEC with Clang
  • 8aa9ae5 Merge pull request #4868 from lioncash/discard-error
  • 131a75b Merge pull request #4867 from lioncash/vp9
  • 11d0a6e General: Catch more expressions with no effect on MSVC
  • 26547d3 General: Make ignoring a discarded return value an error
  • 8049b8b common/stream: Be explicit with copy and move operators
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  • 12eeffc vp9: Be explicit with copy and move operators
  • 0d713cf vp9: Mark functions with [[nodiscard]] where applicable
  • badea3b vp9: Provide a default initializer for "hidden" member
  • f854324 vp9: Make some member functions internally linked
  • 7dcf4c0 Merge pull request #4831 from lioncash/fmt
  • ef29bf4 Merge pull request #4837 from lioncash/nvdec-2
  • 2dbb144 Merge pull request #4781 from german77/GChotplug
  • 89199ca Merge pull request #4859 from Morph1984/missing-ctime-include
  • 9cfc5fe kernel/process: Add missing include
  • 1a6b1bf Merge pull request #4857 from liushuyu/master [ #4842 ]
  • c5134cb Merge pull request #4835 from lat9nq/rng-default-time
  • c6d001c Merge pull request #4838 from lioncash/syncmgr
  • cf63eac web_service: follow-up fix to #4842 ...
  • 5333db9 Add hotplug, rumble and fix 3rd party adapters for the GC adapter
  • c20569e Merge pull request #4856 from bunnei/webservice-socket-error
  • 156556d web_service: web_backend: Handle socket errors with GenericRequest.
  • 475d46b Merge pull request #4855 from bunnei/cdma-pusher-log-fix
  • 94eca09 video_core: cdma_pusher: Add missing LOG_DEBUG field in ExecuteCommand.
  • 7af2cb4 Merge pull request #4846 from lioncash/service-fn
  • 44b552b shader/arithmetic: Implement FCMP immediate + register variant
  • 663e221 Merge pull request #4845 from lioncash/inih
  • 020519d service: Update function tables
  • 9a44c1e externals: Update inih to r52
  • 65e697d externals: Track mainline inih project
  • 047e77e sync_manager: Amend parameter order of calls to SyncptIncr constructor
  • cce14b4 h264: Make WriteUe take a u32
  • 6291975 vp9: std::move buffer within ComposeFrameHeader()
  • 00decfb vp9: Remove dead code
  • 111802b vp9: Join declarations with assignments
  • 3b5d5fa vp9: Remove pessimizing moves
  • dcc26c5 vp9: Resolve variable shadowing
  • c04203b nvdec: Tidy up header includes
  • 8bd2460 kernel: Use the current time as the default RNG seed
  • 1dd4132 externals: Update fmt to 7.1.0

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