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2 years ago


  • c4f7ac7 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • cd92a94 Merge pull request #4805 from bunnei/update-defaults
  • 941563f yuzu: settings: Enable multicore, asynch GPU, and assembly shaders by default.
  • d33399e Merge pull request #4729 from ameerj/nvdec-prod
  • c7f3293 Merge pull request #4832 from bunnei/cpu-manager-microprofile-fix
  • 1828f82 Merge pull request #4833 from bunnei/timezonemanager-explicit
  • eb67a45 video_core: NVDEC Implementation
  • 9f08cea Merge pull request #4834 from lioncash/copy-fn
  • 6b5f565 controller: Pass ControllerParameters by reference in ReconfigureControllers()
  • 3984bb6 hle: services: TimeZoneContentManager: This can be made explicit.
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  • 54aabb0 core: cpu_manager: Add missing call to MicroProfileOnThreadExit().

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