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3 years ago


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  • 12ed1a0 "Merge Tagged PR 3057"
  • 72e0907 "Merge Tagged PR 3062"
  • 2b42082 Merge pull request #3060 from FearlessTobi/patch-1
  • 84887b0 Merge pull request #3064 from yuzu-emu/revert-3063-zero-init-padding
  • 4edf733 Revert "common_func: Use std::array for INSERT_PADDING_* macros."
  • 8c1e38f Merge pull request #3063 from bunnei/zero-init-padding
  • fdc5791 common_func: Use std::array for INSERT_PADDING_* macros.
  • a81987a common/bit_field: Remove FORCE_INLINE calls
  • bec7e3b Merge pull request #3058 from FearlessTobi/port-4948 [ emu/citra#4948 ]
  • 727ba2f citra_qt: add amiibo drag and drop support

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