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2 years ago


  • 37a2ce9 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 4d0ae1a Merge pull request #4291 from german77/ImplementControllerRumble
  • f7808f5 Merge pull request #4726 from lioncash/applet
  • 1ba0b07 Merge pull request #4733 from ReinUsesLisp/game-list-leak
  • cb56eae Merge pull request #4732 from ReinUsesLisp/wall-clock-destr
  • 3665a05 Merge pull request #4735 from goldenx86/patch-1
  • 392c1b9 Merge pull request #4705 from german77/SplitMotionPoller
  • d7843b8 Remove ext_extended_dynamic_state blacklist
  • 771a9c2 common/wall_clock: Add virtual destructors
  • 385b560 Update yuzu-patreon-step2.yml to set build timeout to 120 min
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  • a1e3f6e Merge pull request #4728 from Morph1984/applets-on-top
  • 09609dd Merge pull request #4721 from lioncash/genfn
  • 2a82f1b Merge pull request #4722 from lioncash/casting
  • 02ea625 Merge pull request #1703 from DarkLordZach/nvdec-ioctl
  • ae6df70 qt/game_list: Give GameListSearchField::KeyReleaseEater a parent
  • ab88c2f First implementation of controller rumble
  • 86e4aa8 main: Allow applets to display on top while fullscreen
  • 5c4e237 core: Mark GetInstance() as deprecated
  • 3e4a0a1 frontend/controller: Eliminate dependency on the global system instance
  • 90c6141 command_generator: Make lookup table static constexpr
  • 4073931 cubeb_sink: Use static_cast instead of reinterpret_cast in DataCallback()
  • 7c0908f codec: Make lookup table static constexpr
  • ddff03c Use different timing for motion
  • 1adf640 service: nvhost_vic: Ignore Submit commands.
  • 34635a4 nvdrv: Stub nvdec/vic ioctls to bypass nvdec movies

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