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2 years ago


  • d9a694d "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • df9f236 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • d66b897 Merge pull request #4674 from ReinUsesLisp/timeline-semaphores
  • 10e8acc Merge pull request #4618 from german77/GcAdapterAutoMap
  • 8b0f334 Merge pull request #4702 from lioncash/doc-warn
  • c307ae2 Merge pull request #4701 from lioncash/unused-proto
  • 6d96619 Merge pull request #4700 from lioncash/copies
  • b14d344 memory: Resolve a -Wdocumentation warning
  • aa35e51 install_dialog: Make use of [[nodiscard]] where applicable
  • e107870 install_dialog: Remove unused function prototype
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  • f43a1da game_list: Make game list function naming consistent
  • d264b73 game_list: Eliminate redundant argument copies
  • 4f5bbe5 vk_query_cache: Hack counter destructor to avoid reserving queries
  • 58b0ae8 renderer_vulkan: Make unconditional use of VK_KHR_timeline_semaphore
  • c5e2570 Add automap feature for GC adapter

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