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yuzu 387

2 years ago


  • 51ef52a "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • c22ca6f "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • b8219ec Merge pull request #4699 from lioncash/move3
  • 0dc6967 control_flow: emplace elements in place within TryQuery()
  • fcd0145 control_flow: Make use of std::move in InsertBranch()
  • 2b863c9 Merge pull request #4698 from lioncash/optional-null
  • ff45c39 General: Make use of std::nullopt where applicable
  • c07fd28 Merge pull request #4697 from lioncash/copy5
  • a881efb ips_layer: Eliminate a redundant copy in Parse()

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