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2 years ago


  • f72af48 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 1512d4d "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 050a4a4 Merge pull request #4680 from Morph1984/fix-motion-mapping
  • 70499b8 configure_input_player: Fixes motion mapping using ConfigureButtonClick
  • 8568f44 Merge pull request #4647 from Morph1984/readd-context-menu
  • 669005b Merge pull request #4676 from Morph1984/GetPreviousProgramIndex-impl
  • 40a72e9 am: Stub GetPreviousProgramIndex
  • 65d9def configure_input_player: Re-add "Clear" context menu option
  • 53fc5d0 Merge pull request #4670 from lioncash/initializer
  • 9bdca01 Merge pull request #4665 from lioncash/sm-kernel
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  • 8100275 Merge pull request #4666 from lioncash/unused-func
  • 131532b Merge pull request #4671 from lioncash/nfp-copy
  • 3146158 Merge pull request #4672 from lioncash/narrowing
  • 9f51242 Merge pull request #4673 from lioncash/fallthrough
  • 3f6d83b Merge pull request #4594 from german77/MotionHID
  • 4944d48 decode/image: Eliminate switch fallthrough in DecodeImage()
  • ffc66f0 decoder/texture: Eliminate narrowing conversion in GetTldCode()
  • 362e294 audio_core/command_generator: Use const references where applicable
  • 9539e4d audio_core/command_generator: Avoid an unnecessary copy in GenerateFinalMixCommand()
  • aca3621 nfp: Eliminate two unnecessary copies
  • 1ee9ceb arm_dynarmic_cp15: Initialize member variables
  • 382bf1f Merge pull request #4668 from lioncash/port
  • 02b8b66 control_metadata: Resolve typo in Portuguese language name
  • 8bbd828 service: Remove unused funcation
  • 057aa62 service/sm: Slightly more efficient string name validation
  • 78b1bc3 service/sm: Eliminate dependency on the global system instance
  • 5b6268d configure_input: Hook up the motion button and checkbox
  • 7975645 Minor cleanup
  • 6ee8eab Add cemu hook changes related to PR #4609
  • 0774b17 Remove RealMotionDevice
  • 8e18b61 configure_input_player: Show/hide motion buttons based on the controller
  • df3cbd4 controllers/npad: Simplify motion entry assignment
  • ff679f3 Include HID and configuration changes related to motion

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