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2 years ago


  • 01f58b6 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 9fd1f8e "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 5fc6bf9 Merge pull request #4323 from ReinUsesLisp/no-spin
  • 508f207 Merge pull request #4645 from v1993/lgtm-less-packages
  • f4400f3 Merge pull request #4638 from Morph1984/qt-5.12.8
  • ec634b6 Merge pull request #4634 from lioncash/blocking
  • 324029d Merge pull request #4310 from ogniK5377/apollo-1-prod
  • 9f68922 Remove bad and useless packages from LGTM build
  • 09126f3 cmake: Update to Qt 5.12.8
  • 40968e3 bsd: Resolve unused value within SendToImpl
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  • cd643ab bsd: Resolve sign comparison warnings
  • 180fa68 sockets_translate: Make use of designated initializers
  • 188a3cf blocking_worker: Make use of templated lambda
  • 9652973 blocking_worker: Resolve -Wdocumentation warning
  • 80ac133 Preliminary effects
  • 1f1c3bd Disable biquad filter
  • 1b3d86c Reworked ADPCM decoder to allow better streaming
  • 0947f61 mix buffer depopping
  • 1b8fe70 adpcm streaming
  • 3dcbba3 Fix perf regression
  • f4eb7dc Fix stream channel count when outputting to stereo
  • b924c71 Address issues
  • 8a497ad Queue extra mix buffer
  • d68856a Disable time stretcher for time being
  • 380658c audio_core: Apollo Part 1, AudioRenderer refactor
  • 9b38f4f kernel/scheduler: Use std::mutex instead of spin lock

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