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2 years ago


  • 356af12 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • c444dfa "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 03179ec Merge pull request #4597 from Morph1984/mjolnir-p2
  • 41b8ecd Merge pull request #4608 from lioncash/sign3
  • 5043036 Resolve spacing inconsistencies in style.qrc/qss files
  • b65456b applets/controller: Resolve several compiler warnings
  • 076e4d4 Address feedback
  • 1ec71b6 clang-format
  • f95ea04 applets/controller: Set min_players to have a minimum value of 1.
  • 3712264 applets/controller: Modify heuristic to account for certain games
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  • 6597b38 main: Apply settings after applet configuration is complete.
  • 7299356 applets/controller: Implement fallback applet for the SDL frontend
  • 72b2f5d applets/controller: Load configuration prior to setting up connections
  • aeec0f8 applets/controller: Make 8 a static constexpr value of NUM_PLAYERS
  • 5ce3015 applets/controller: Implement "Explain Text"
  • 5219615 Project Mjölnir: Part 2 - Controller Applet
  • 92c1621 configure_input_player: Resolve sign conversion warnings in UpdateMappingWithDefaults()

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