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2 years ago


  • d4cce79 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 68a6710 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 3db9a25 Merge pull request #4530 from Morph1984/mjolnir-p1
  • 3f7b0e0 Merge pull request #4577 from lioncash/asserts
  • 8ffc491 input_common/main: Add "/Mouse" to the display name
  • f5f3078 configure_input_player: Fix modifier scale button mapping
  • 1bd70d7 configuration/input: Add support for mouse button clicks
  • eb149ec controllers/npad: Fix inconsistencies with controller connection statuses
  • 334ef2e controllers/npad: Fix LibNX controller connection statuses
  • e7c174b controllers/npad: Fix LedPattern for P1-4
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  • de79897 input_common: Fix directional deadzone values
  • efa0b7a Address feedback
  • fc50511 qt_themes: Fix Midnight Blue theme
  • f0fac0c Project Mjölnir: Part 1
  • 3bfaabd common/assert: Make use of C++ attribute syntax

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