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2 years ago


  • aec8905 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 05ec01e "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • bb752df Merge pull request #4542 from ReinUsesLisp/gpu-init-base
  • 6fd3a1b Merge pull request #4562 from lioncash/loop
  • b72d206 Merge pull request #4573 from lioncash/label
  • bae4e6c gl_texture_cache: Take std::string by reference in DecorateViewName()
  • fff2de8 Merge pull request #4571 from lioncash/fence
  • f3bb52c video_core/fence_manager: Remove unnecessary includes
  • ab350b8 Merge pull request #4561 from lioncash/key-constexpr
  • 42a0087 Merge pull request #4549 from lioncash/files
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  • 9619964 Merge pull request #4559 from lioncash/webresult
  • b62a8ca key_manager: Make data arrays constexpr
  • 544fbd5 cpu_manager: Make use of ranged for where applicable
  • ca5ed50 web_service: Move web_result.h into web_service
  • da53bce video_core: Initialize renderer with a GPU
  • 551882e vfs_real: Resolve sign conversion warnings
  • ed9ae5a vfs_real: Avoid redundant map lookups

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