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2 years ago


  • def3591 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 79757d2 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • b1fa647 Merge pull request #4539 from lioncash/disc
  • 2d2e235 Merge pull request #4522 from lioncash/vulk-copy
  • bea9ed2 Merge pull request #4381 from Morph1984/fix-open-folder-installed-title
  • 00573fb Merge pull request #4532 from lioncash/object-name
  • 56c6a5d Merge pull request #4535 from lioncash/fileutil
  • 0c88524 Merge pull request #4537 from lioncash/tz
  • 3472c00 Merge pull request #4540 from lioncash/tr3
  • e23289d configure_hotkeys: Don't translate empty strings
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  • c4ed791 common/fileutil: Convert namespace to Common::FS
  • d09456f common: Silence two discarded result warnings
  • fe97d34 common/time_zone: Simplify GetOsTimeZoneOffset()
  • fe86109 configuration_shared: Simplify name lookup in highlighting functions
  • 167d36e vulkan/wrapper: Avoid unnecessary copy in EnumerateInstanceExtensionProperties()
  • cf94631 main: Fallback to loader if no control nca is found with patch manager
  • 1146049 main: Fix Open Save/Mod Locations for installed titles

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