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2 years ago


  • fbe541f "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • b8c7cc4 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 0530dd6 Merge pull request #4494 from lioncash/transcode
  • d8a90e6 Merge pull request #4531 from lioncash/overload
  • cbaf1bc Merge pull request #4443 from ameerj/vk-async-shaders
  • bbb5623 Merge pull request #4515 from lat9nq/pgs-menubar-config
  • a91acd5 Merge pull request #4520 from lioncash/pessimize
  • fde8102 Remove unneeded newlines, optional Registry in shader params
  • ada9b7f Merge pull request #4536 from lioncash/semi3
  • f49ffdd Morph: Update worker allocation comment
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  • 1b829fb move thread 1/4 count computation into allocate workers method
  • 31a7641 Address feedback, add shader compile notifier, update setting text
  • c02464f Vk Async Worker directly emplace in cache
  • 4539073 Address feedback. Bruteforce delete duplicates
  • 6ac9740 Vk Async pipeline compilation
  • dbb1cbc yuzu: Resolve -Wextra-semi warnings
  • 9f972b7 main: Add an option to modify the currrent game's configuration
  • 969a4cc yuzu: Make use of qOverload where applicable
  • 6b13d08 async_shaders: Resolve -Wpessimizing-move warning
  • 04bb47f partition_data_manager: Eliminate magic value
  • 09f884b aes_util: Make use of non-template variant of Transcode

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