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yuzu 349

2 years ago


  • e8a9a26 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 0ca4676 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • db96034 Merge pull request #4528 from lioncash/discard
  • 404362e Merge pull request #4519 from lioncash/semi
  • 1ee060c common/compression: Roll back std::span changes
  • df72480 common: Make use of [[nodiscard]] where applicable
  • 2b601e8 Merge pull request #4526 from lioncash/core-semi
  • e6f9231 Merge pull request #4527 from lioncash/pessimizing2
  • cb6808b Merge pull request #4492 from lioncash/linkage
  • 2aabd1e Merge pull request #4463 from lioncash/lockdiscard
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  • feb243b Merge pull request #4416 from lioncash/span
  • fc2f896 Merge pull request #4518 from lioncash/fmtlib
  • 2dace90 Merge pull request #4453 from ReinUsesLisp/block-to-linear
  • f482b4b Merge pull request #4529 from lioncash/assignment
  • b14277e time_zone_content_manager: Collapse auto and default case
  • 1f9ac15 CMakeLists: Update fmt to 7.0.3
  • 03d5a5d software_keyboard: Resolve a pessimizing move warning
  • 2296e92 core: Resolve several -Wextra-semi warnings
  • 83d8bf9 maxwell_3d: Resolve -Wextra-semi warning
  • a93f6e5 emu_window: Mark Scoped constructor and Acquire() as nodiscard
  • f808258 kernel/scheduler: Mark SchedulerLock constructor as nodiscard
  • f006414 textures/decoders: Fix block linear to pitch copies
  • 87c64c4 system_control: Make functions internally linked where applicable
  • 2e51124 lz4_compression: Make use of std::span in interfaces
  • c5bdccf zstd_compression: Make use of std::span in interfaces

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