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2 years ago


  • dfafb81 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 8388c02 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • ff0b14e Merge pull request #4511 from lioncash/build2
  • b724a4d General: Tidy up clang-format warnings part 2
  • a8ffe6e Merge pull request #4497 from lioncash/freezer-alg
  • e143adc Merge pull request #4493 from jbeich/dragonfly
  • 4605e4d Merge pull request #4502 from lioncash/build
  • 257b1d2 Merge pull request #4496 from lioncash/ce-desig
  • 85feaf3 Merge pull request #4330 from ameerj/master
  • d667250 Remove UI changes
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  • 9c6ae69 Add range slider functionality for gc adapter
  • 8928aa3 undo unnecessary newlines, slider range 50-150
  • 504095c Address c++20 warning, fix inaccurate range text display when slide == 0
  • ed51c2a Add range slider for analog sticks
  • acfd771 Merge pull request #4491 from lioncash/unused-vars
  • 6640199 Merge pull request #4488 from lioncash/file
  • 1c3490a General: Tidy up clang-format warnings
  • f14bb61 Merge pull request #4448 from Morph1984/fix-entries
  • 929fc84 Merge pull request #4457 from ogniK5377/SetScreenShotPermission
  • 5429ea0 Merge pull request #4389 from ogniK5377/redundant-format-type
  • 62fa00f Merge pull request #4464 from lioncash/format-pass
  • 53e94c7 Merge pull request #4501 from lioncash/is_base_of
  • 8e86fa7 common/concepts: Rename IsBaseOf to DerivedFrom
  • 61cd7eb freezer: Move entry finding to its own function
  • 06ab282 freezer: Take address values by value
  • 253a174 freezer: Make use of std::erase_if
  • df96a21 cheat_engine: Make use of designated initializers
  • 238208e common/virtual_buffer: drop unused includes
  • a10d64e kernel: Remove unused variables
  • 0a5456f vfs_vector: Make creation of array vfs files less verbose
  • 123024c game_list_worker: Do not clear entries when > 1 gamedir is present
  • 0105368 ci: Make use of clang-format 10.0
  • e586921 am: Unstub SetScreenShotPermission
  • dd4a02d video_core: Remove redundant pixel format type

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