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  • f40525f "Merge Tagged PR 2987"
  • 04b838c Merge pull request #3038 from lioncash/docs
  • 2382bbe Merge pull request #3046 from ReinUsesLisp/clean-gl-state
  • b5138f3 Merge pull request #3035 from ReinUsesLisp/rasterizer-accelerated
  • a81bd96 Merge pull request #3007 from DarkLordZach/fsc-regress
  • 3d0cde6 gl_state: Use std::array::fill instead of std::fill
  • ce20ed8 gl_state: Move dirty checks to individual apply calls instead of Apply
  • 3c6557c gl_state: Remove ApplyDefaultState
  • d3651b0 gl_state: Change SetDefaultViewports to use default constructor
  • c7698d0 gl_state: Minor style changes
  • a14d202 gl_state: Remove unused Citra TextureUnits
  • 28fece8 gl_state: Move initializers from constructor to class declaration
  • 2ec5b55 Merge pull request #3004 from ReinUsesLisp/maxwell3d-cleanup
  • 6c8f288 scheduler: Mark parameter of AskForReselectionOrMarkRedundant() as const
  • fa31e5b maxwell_3d/kepler_compute: Remove unused arguments in GetTexture
  • 538ddd2 video_core/textures: Remove unused index entry in FullTextureInfo
  • 961fe4d maxwell_3d: Remove unused method GetStageTextures
  • f19c1a7 scheduler: Silence sign conversion warnings
  • 2fb0bbf scheduler: Initialize class members directly where applicable
  • 2dc469c scheduler: Amend documentation comments
  • bd2aff3 rasterizer_accelerated: Add intermediary for GPU rasterizers
  • bb207fe savedata_factory: Automatically create certain savedata

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