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2 years ago


  • cffc406 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • f89a4b2 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 9b75481 ipc: Allow all trivially copyable objects to be passed directly into WriteBuffer (#4465)
  • 6c7292d Merge pull request #4263 from lat9nq/fix-screencaps-2
  • 0ca42c8 Merge pull request #4439 from lioncash/cpu
  • 50d8264 Merge pull request #4438 from lioncash/localizing
  • 989ad52 cpu_manager: Remove redundant std::function declarations
  • 2e30309 yuzu/main: Remove redundant usages of QStringLiteral("")
  • 156bf5b config: Make the save-as identifier more consistent
  • e35239b configure_ui: Ensure a separator follows the returned path
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  • 19250aa configure_ui: don't use an empty string
  • 599b7c2 main: Don't use as many string copies
  • a723ed3 main: rewrite (save as) screenshot saving
  • 71b902c configuration: Setup UI to config screenshot path and saving
  • 3848155 common: Add a screenshots directory

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