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2 years ago


  • 8c82b5b "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 8c797d0 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • d046e9b Merge pull request #4380 from ogniK5377/swkbd-inline-1
  • e96cf13 Merge pull request #4383 from ogniK5377/dark-checkbox
  • dc2d31b Merge pull request #4393 from lioncash/unused5
  • c73701e Merge pull request #4377 from Morph1984/dark-themes
  • 2ed8f3f Merge pull request #4334 from lat9nq/clear-per-game-settings
  • d488cb8 Merge pull request #4388 from lioncash/written
  • f650cf8 Merge pull request #4391 from lioncash/nrvo
  • 4b36912 vk_rasterizer: Remove unused variable in Clear()
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  • 6adc824 video_core: Allow copy elision to take place where applicable
  • 26c6c71 buffer_cache: Eliminate redundant map lookup in MarkRegionAsWritten()
  • d942472 wait_tree: Include Midnight Blue dark themes
  • 7e01311 qt-themes: Add Midnight Blue qdarkstyle theme (2.8.1)
  • 92d879e frontend: Match indeterminate checkbox state with light theme
  • 8248d76 Address issues
  • 2120740 configure_graphics_advnaced: clang-format mk ii
  • 23347b8 configure_graphics_advanced: Fix oversight from rebase
  • 520b4c7 configuration_shared: Remove unused functions
  • 3ef4769 configuration: Use forward declares and remove extraneous structs
  • 335aef7 configuration_shared: Make CheckState strongly typed
  • 55ac287 clang-format
  • 0d462f5 configuration_shared: Break up tracker structs to respective classes
  • e483ed2 configure_system: break instead of semicolon
  • d5fdbd8 clang-format
  • 33a9218 configure_system: Highlight labels on startup
  • 90a0fb1 configure_graphics: Fix layout in global config
  • c94a8a3 configure_per_game: Improve style consistency
  • a350ae6 configure_system: Implement highlighted overrides
  • 6316a3d configuration_shared: Add default combobox setup function
  • 2627241 configuration_shared: Use an int instead of a QString
  • 38152ab configure_graphics_advanced: Implement highlighted overrides
  • b79a6eb configuration_shared: Switch back to background colors
  • 44b3183 configuration_shared: Better use global text
  • c9f93c0 configure_audio: fix UI margins
  • c4246b8 configure_graphics: Implement highlighted overrides
  • bf25d58 configure_audio: Implement highlighted overrides
  • da65b92 configuration_shared: Require name of the widget for highlighting
  • 5a9dc8f configuration_shared: Use a highlight instead of background color
  • 58672cc configure_general: Implement manual tristate buttons
  • e26e82d configuration_shared: Initial functions and data for manual tristate
  • d7d2c27 swkbd: Return result for Calc request for inlined swkbd

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