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  • 60a475c "Merge Tagged PR 2987"
  • 46eef11 "Merge Tagged PR 3007"
  • 9f93ad0 Merge pull request #3023 from lioncash/opus
  • c5d9589 Merge pull request #3037 from FernandoS27/new-formats
  • 4c5731c Merge pull request #2971 from FernandoS27/new-scheduler-v2
  • 3f92621 Video_Core: Implement texture format E5B9G9R9_SHAREDEXP.
  • 6909b2f Merge pull request #3034 from ReinUsesLisp/w4244-maxwell3d
  • 3e469ce maxwell_3d: Silence implicit conversion warnings
  • 7e2494e Merge pull request #3033 from ReinUsesLisp/w4244-astc
  • a5aa1bb astc: Silence implicit conversion warnings
  • 611236c externals: Track upstream opus
  • 64e652d Kernel Thread: Cleanup THREADPROCESSORID_DONT_UPDATE.
  • e28c7f5 Kernel: Address Feedback 2
  • a352487 Kernel: Clang Format
  • c32520c Kernel: Reverse global accessor removal.
  • 3073615 Kernel: Address Feedback.
  • 25f8606 Kernel Scheduler: Make sure the global scheduler shutdowns correctly.
  • b3c1deb Kernel_Thread: Eliminate most global accessors.
  • 0b72b34 KernelSVC: Assert that condition variable address is aligned to 4 bytes.
  • 96b1b14 Kernel: Correct Paused scheduling
  • 1c6a11a Kernel: Corrections to Wait Objects clearing in which a thread could still be signalled after a timeout or a cancel.
  • 27d571c Kernel: Correct redundant yields to only advance time forward.
  • 7176857 Kernel: Corrections to ModifyByWaitingCountAndSignalToAddressIfEqual
  • 44e09e5 Kernel: Correct Results in Condition Variables and Mutexes
  • 1ec1e81 Kernel: Clang Format
  • e05a8c2 Kernel: Remove global system accessor from WaitObject
  • 0cf26ce Scheduler: Implement Yield Count and Core migration on Thread Preemption.
  • 2d382de Scheduler: Corrections to YieldAndBalanceLoad and Yield bombing protection.
  • b49c0da Kernel: Initial implementation of thread preemption.
  • 103f3a2 Scheduler: Add protections for Yield bombing
  • 82218c9 Kernel: Style and Corrections
  • fcc6b34 Correct PrepareReschedule
  • 3a94e7e Comment and reorganize the scheduler
  • b5d1e44 Add PrepareReschedule where required.
  • b8b7ebc Correct compiling errors and addapt to the new interface.
  • 9031502 Correct Supervisor Calls to work with the new scheduler,
  • 47c6c78 Redesign CPU Cores to work with the new scheduler
  • 57a71f8 Add interfacing to the Global Scheduler
  • a1ac0c6 Addapt thread class to the new Scheduler
  • b164d8e Implement a new Core Scheduler

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