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2 years ago


  • 3128172 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • ef3ac21 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 47956a3 Merge pull request #4369 from lioncash/hle-macro
  • 9d3cbf6 Merge pull request #4340 from lioncash/remove
  • c783cf4 Merge pull request #4347 from lioncash/logging
  • 92f37a2 Merge pull request #4371 from lioncash/cmake2
  • adbf5ca Merge pull request #4357 from lioncash/unused4
  • 69f8b6a Merge pull request #4358 from lioncash/unused5
  • c0650cd macro_hle: Remove unnecessary static keywords
  • 0d10c86 Merge pull request #4367 from lioncash/inc2
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  • 9cca0c2 Merge pull request #4368 from lioncash/macro
  • 3ce4edb Merge pull request #4370 from lioncash/simplify
  • 311f500 core/CMakeLists: Add missing physical_memory.h header file
  • be6b759 macro_hle: Simplify shift expression in HLE_771BB18C62444DA0()
  • cc935d9 macro_hle: Remove unnecessary std::make_pair calls
  • 502dbfb macro: Resolve missing parameter in doxygen comment
  • e07eb5b constants: Add missing include
  • 39ae2de Merge pull request #4363 from lioncash/mismatch
  • 3bbf446 Merge pull request #4292 from bunnei/mii-rewrite
  • 169759e vk_texture_cache: Amend mismatched access masks and indices in UploadBuffer
  • 267d483 Merge pull request #4362 from lioncash/cast
  • fb563e7 vk_graphics_pipeline: Resolve narrowing warnings
  • 104c523 Merge pull request #4327 from lioncash/desig2
  • be68ee8 Merge pull request #4333 from lioncash/desig3
  • b6d73ec Merge pull request #4332 from lioncash/vkdev
  • 98b3662 Merge pull request #4321 from lioncash/desig
  • 8bef49c kernel/thread: Remove unimplemented function prototype
  • 2bab07c kernel: Remove unused variables
  • d84d9a6 Merge pull request #4356 from lioncash/inc
  • 07d080e kernel: Add missing include
  • f0125b2 cpu_manager: Mark function getters as static
  • 51546ce cpu_manager: Remove unused preemption_count variable
  • 201514c cpu_manager: Add missing includes
  • a89dfc9 Merge pull request #4261 from ameerj/gc-calibration
  • 2781201 Merge pull request #4337 from lat9nq/fix-per-game-async
  • 9121d35 Merge pull request #4297 from FearlessTobi/skip-profile-select
  • 0648e02 Merge pull request #4346 from lioncash/thread
  • af5a56d settings: Resolve a sign conversion warning within GetTimeZoneString()
  • 73bb87c kernel/process: Move name and system context to the bottom of the member list
  • 52e83f0 kernel/handle_table: Remove usages of the global system instance
  • 5dbf91d settings: Make use of std::string_view over std::string for logging
  • 4ad69ca kernel/thread: Remove global GetCurrentThread()
  • 969100d shader_cache: Make use of std::erase_if
  • a683e42 clang-format
  • 6d1477f settings: Move settings sanitization to its own function
  • 93fe982 Rebase to master
  • 8160e14 main: Set async gpu properly after loading per-game setting
  • 0f8b977 vk_device: Make use of designated initializers where applicable
  • 0475a16 vk_graphics_pipeline: Make use of designated initializers where applicable
  • ed0fe04 address_space_info: Use type alias to simplify code
  • c3eb42d address_space_info: Make use of designated initializers
  • db6fbd5 vk_blit_screen: Make use of designated initializers where applicable
  • e706501 hle: service: mii: Rewrite service to properly support creation of random and default miis.
  • a59ad92 main/profile_select: Don't prompt for profile selection when only one is available
  • 042c660 Break out of scan loop if can't find adapter on first run
  • 4489ea6 Rebase to master, fix merge conflicts
  • b574758 Address PR feedback, fix axis button thresholding
  • e3253b5 Brace the code! Fix compile error due to class member construction order
  • 86abff4 Recalibrate reconnected controllers
  • 7ad4239 Save origin state of GC controller analog features, compare against origin for input detection

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