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2 years ago


  • 1d8f85c "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 1326fef "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 52882a9 Merge pull request #4194 from ReinUsesLisp/fix-shader-cache
  • 9f8e17c Merge pull request #4137 from ameerj/master
  • f829932 Fix merge conflicts?
  • d00972f Fix for always firing triggers on some controllers, trigger threshold more universal
  • e69d715 Address lioncash feedback: Log formatting, extern const PadButtonArray, little touch ups
  • 6e1639c Fix unnecessary diffs
  • 6b7c8e4 Add LR triggers as axes, half press to initiate a press, add GC axis id in config, clarify some code blocks for better readability
  • f6cb128 shader_cache: Fix use-after-free and orphan invalidation cache entries
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  • 34a590e Reset adapter state on init, fixes errors relating driver hang from unexpected unplug
  • a76e11e Address feedback regarding increments, const vars, and general cleanup
  • dfdf87d fix implicit conversion of size_t type to int
  • bd697be left const auto&, comment punctuation.
  • ecbc813 const& to button in button array
  • 3f73951 Stop reading loop if error is encountered
  • c18dc9c padbutton enum class and struct initiailization
  • 743e1f0 cleanup check access, read, and factory GetNextInput funcs. Use size rather than magic number
  • d4e07fd Fix deallocation of GC Adapter
  • 901bc09 Small quality of life indication that mapped button is GC
  • fcc2313 std::array and const reference passing of non-trivial objects
  • 8ccc8cb update libusb dependency
  • f5d2a1e Update src/input_common/main.cpp
  • 28046ae Tidy up the pointers, use pair over tuple where appropriate
  • 0f729ef fix for sleep using stl
  • 46b4461 shared_ptr for the GC adapter class, constexpr constants
  • 968d631 std::arrays where appropriate, clear q in adapter class, other touch ups
  • 5f0fa4c fix include thread
  • 121af36 Singleton GC Adapter class, remove globals, fix naming convention
  • c94583d Clang Formatting
  • 0076a08 Cleanup after linter
  • 18a42d3 Add libusb dependency
  • 0248614 GC Adapter Implementation

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