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2 years ago


  • 846462e "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • c4f9c07 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 15a04fb Merge pull request #4217 from lioncash/prototype
  • 0b954a3 Merge pull request #4208 from jbeich/freebsd
  • fb13f05 key_manager: Correct casing of instance()
  • beb172e Merge pull request #4209 from jbeich/webengine
  • c91710a key_manager: Delete move operations
  • 00a1d10 key_manager: Make use of canonical deleted operator=
  • 3bb63bc Merge pull request #3967 from FearlessTobi/keys-singleton
  • c6b0353 Merge pull request #4153 from ogniK5377/prepo-multibuf
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  • 424540d Merge pull request #4063 from FreddyFunk/game-version-in-title
  • f1b1238 Merge pull request #4166 from VolcaEM/quickstart-faq
  • 3b1683a common: switch to nullptr for sysctl's empty new value
  • a4f48ef Merge pull request #4176 from ReinUsesLisp/compatible-formats
  • 977a3ab Merge pull request #4157 from ReinUsesLisp/unified-turing
  • d217017 Merge pull request #4191 from Morph1984/vertex-formats
  • 7c97013 macro: Add support for "middle methods" on the code cache (#4112)
  • fa8e35c Merge pull request #4182 from Kewlan/fullscreen-hotkey-fix
  • dda90ce cmake: depend on WebEngine with system Qt
  • e6085ea common: add sysconf() fallback
  • 10eca7f maxwell_to_gl: Rename VertexType() to VertexFormat()
  • 4a35df3 maxwell_to_vk: Reorder vertex formats and add A2B10G10R10 for all types except float
  • 78d80d9 maxwell_to_gl: Add 32 bit component sizes to (un)signed scaled formats
  • 323eb86 Fix issues caused when changing the fullscreen hotkey
  • b1f4de7 Update FAQ function name (2/2)
  • db96b5e Update FAQ function name (1/2)
  • bb2cbdf texture_cache: Test format compatibility before copying
  • 1d6be9f video_core/compatible_formats: Table to test if two formats are legal to view or copy
  • 9e1975a Update function name again
  • 0b86c7e Update function name (2/2)
  • f824782 Update function name (1/2)
  • 7d08d54 Clang-format again
  • b9f0b9d Clang-format
  • 6582857 Remove unnecessary newline
  • 0f45122 Merge branch 'master' into quickstart-faq
  • a46df40 Fix typo 2: electric boogaloo
  • 9e7ac6a Use QUrl (2/2)
  • 5c6adea Use QUrl (1/2)
  • 04497d9 Fix formatting
  • 5f6e445 Fix typo
  • 57b9339 Add "Open Quickstart Guide" and "FAQ" buttons to the Help menu
  • bc8d3b8 gl_device: Enable NV_vertex_buffer_unified_memory on Turing devices [ #4156 ]
  • 2f0b322 prepo: : Don't read extra buffer from report unless passed
  • 8cf6efe Reorder variables to comply with the Auzure build pipeline
  • 20a7792 Add game versio to title bar
  • 9f82a9a crypto: Make KeyManager a singleton class

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