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2 years ago


  • eecf58e "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 657bddf "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 6205965 Merge pull request #4097 from kevinxucs/kevinxucs/device-pixel-scaling-float
  • 9eaccac Merge pull request #4164 from Kewlan/mute-audio-hotkey
  • 6f16f54 Merge pull request #4158 from Morph1984/caps
  • a91f92a Merge pull request #4152 from ogniK5377/ipc-err
  • 705cccb Merge pull request #4154 from ogniK5377/swkbd-nullptr
  • efef7b1 Merge pull request #4147 from ReinUsesLisp/hset2-imm
  • b32b7c6 Merge pull request #4178 from VolcaEM/patch-6
  • 2d82b7f Use better names for "Unknown"s
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  • 7c07941 Merge pull request #4180 from ogniK5377/fix-btm-names
  • bc51a93 Update function names
  • 0b23ce6 btm: Give better names for unknown functions
  • 032b7d4 btdrv: Update function table (#4174)
  • 6e14edb bpc: Update function tables (#4173)
  • e6fee39 bcat: Update function tables and add missing classes (#4172)
  • ca25a38 am: Update function tables and add missing classes (#4169)
  • b5d5461 aoc: Update function table (#4170)
  • 98bbab8 Merge pull request #4177 from VolcaEM/patch-5
  • a6b5528 Merge pull request #4179 from VolcaEM/patch-7
  • 0f4a611 eupld: Update function table
  • 3828aa4 es: Update function table
  • d3e9b45 btm: Update function tables
  • 3579db4 Merge pull request #4144 from FernandoS27/tt-fix
  • 78d3b54 Merge pull request #4111 from ReinUsesLisp/preserve-contents-vk
  • 72f14ae caps_u: Fix GetAlbumContentsFileListForApplication stub
  • 3017be7 caps: Use enum classes and check struct sizes on compile time
  • 02a33fe caps: Update copyright headers
  • 3eb8efc Add a "Mute Audio" hotkey
  • 5108387 Prevent nullptr dereference on swkbd error case
  • 82ecdd0 Mark invalid IPC buffers as ASSERT_OR_EXECUTE_MSG
  • 39ab33e shader/half_set: Implement HSET2_IMM
  • 544b15e TextureCache: Fix case where layer goes off bound.
  • cf137ea vk_rasterizer: Don't preserve contents on full screen clears
  • 7a59eeb Fix framebuffer size on fractional scaling display.

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