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2 years ago


  • 365cb6f "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 44913fa "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 7d1dca4 Merge pull request #4099 from MerryMage/macOS-build
  • 9c5ed44 Merge pull request #4113 from ogniK5377/boxcat-disable
  • a7fe6dc Add translation of "Current Boxcat Events"
  • 7daea55 Merge pull request #4087 from MerryMage/macrojit-inline-Read
  • 8434630 Merge pull request #4114 from MerryMage/nrvo
  • c6a963c input_common/motion_emu: Remove redundant move
  • 8272f53 input_common/keyboard: Remove redundant move
  • 7236393 mii_model: Remove redundant std::move
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  • c7ed7d9 Fix compilation when not building with boxcat
  • 977ceb4 macro_jit_x64: Remove unused function Read
  • 778f869 bootmanager: Remove references to OpenGL for macOS
  • b19fe55 memory_manager: Explicitly specifcy std::min<size_t>
  • 4f09f0a shared_font: Service::NS::EncryptSharedFont takes a size_t&
  • 69f3835 vk_rasterizer: BindTransformFeedbackBuffersEXT accepts a size of type VkDeviceSize
  • b1eada6 renderer_vulkan: Fix macOS GetBundleDirectory reference
  • 442e48e memory_util: boost hashes are size_t
  • 8ae7154 Rename PAGE_SHIFT to PAGE_BITS
  • 44f10d9 macro_jit_x64: Inline Engines::Maxwell3D::GetRegisterValue

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