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2 years ago


  • 4a06e2b "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • c1935bf "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 0f7822a Merge pull request #4080 from ogniK5377/audren-RendererInfo
  • 5a092fb Merge pull request #4090 from MerryMage/macrojit-bugs
  • de644d5 Merge pull request #4081 from Morph1984/maxwell-to-gl-vk
  • bfa6193 Merge pull request #4108 from ReinUsesLisp/a32-implicit-cast
  • 778043a arm_dynarmic_32: Fix implicit conversion error in SetTPIDR_EL0
  • 2f42061 vk_sampler_cache: Emulate GL_LINEAR/NEAREST minification filters
  • be660e7 maxwell_to_vk: Reorder filter cases and correct mipmap_filter=None
  • 8868fb7 maxwell_to_gl: Miscellaneous changes
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  • edb2114 Merge pull request #4092 from Morph1984/image-bindings
  • 1394a58 Merge pull request #4100 from MerryMage/no-a32-interp
  • 52bcfac arm_dynarmic_cp15: Implement CNTPCT
  • 109df77 arm_dynarmic_cp15: Update CP15
  • 32a127f arm_dynarmic_32: InterpreterFallback should never happen
  • a8ac99b Merge pull request #4086 from MerryMage/abi
  • c409722 macro_jit_x64: Optimization implicitly assumes same destination
  • a6ddd7c macro_jit_x64: Should not skip zero registers for certain ALU ops
  • e2f5d16 gl_device: Reserve at least 4 image bindings for fragment stage
  • 7c6203d xbyak_abi: Prefer returning a struct to using out parameters in ABI_CalculateFrameSize
  • 36362e9 xbyak_abi: Register indexes should be unsigned
  • d563017 xbyak_abi: Remove *GPS variants of stack manipulation functions
  • 4417770 xbyak_abi: Fix ABI_PushRegistersAndAdjustStack
  • 4225042 audren: Implement RendererInfo

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