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2 years ago


  • 1267df3 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 2ad3f12 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • b660ef6 Merge pull request #4089 from MerryMage/macrojit-cleanup-1
  • 0f57bbf Merge pull request #3976 from Neodyblue/qdarkstyle_fix_prop
  • 2a3d4ca externals: Revert to libressl, as build is broken with find_package(OpenSSL). (#4093)
  • 798ec00 Merge pull request #4041 from ReinUsesLisp/arb-decomp
  • f22d020 Merge pull request #3966 from Morph1984/hide-internal-resolution-ui
  • cf0aad7 macro_jit_x64: Remove NEXT_PARAMETER
  • 1799f4e macro_jit_x64: Remove unused function Compile_WriteCarry
  • c09a9e5 macro_jit_x64: Select better registers
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  • 79aa7b3 macro_jit_x64: Remove REGISTERS
  • 35db6e1 macro_jit_x64: Remove JITState::parameters
  • 389549b macro_jit_x64: Remove METHOD_ADDRESS_64
  • a6a43a5 macro_jit_x64: Remove RESULT_64
  • 87011a9 gl_arb_decompiler: Implement FSwizzleAdd
  • a63a0da gl_arb_decompiler: Implement an assembly shader decompiler
  • d898883 yuzu/configuration: Show assembly shaders check box
  • 03fad5e yuzu/frontend: Remove internal resolution option
  • ea14af2 qt_themes: remove unknown qss property from dark theme

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