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  • 3bb3b24 "Merge Tagged PR 1012"
  • b499549 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • aeccbc0 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 61cbf27 "Merge Tagged PR 3345"
  • 4ddf253 "Merge Tagged PR 3665"
  • eb26e9e Merge pull request #3730 from lioncash/time
  • 2409fed Merge pull request #3697 from lioncash/declarations
  • bf2ddb8 Merge pull request #3677 from FernandoS27/better-sync
  • 2c806c5 Merge pull request #3767 from ReinUsesLisp/point-size-pipeline
  • d9463f4 vk_pipeline_cache: Fix unintentional memcpy into optional
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  • c043ac4 GL_Fence_Manager: use GL_TIMEOUT_IGNORED instead of a loop,
  • bee2c64 Merge pull request #3725 from MerryMage/fpcr
  • 6ce3d17 Merge pull request #3759 from H27CK/opus-mingw-w64
  • 63d2ba4 Merge pull request #3763 from H27CK/vk-cmd
  • 4d74578 Add missing ;
  • 5ed1330 Merge pull request #3758 from H27CK/vk-cmd
  • afae40a Merge pull request #3653 from ReinUsesLisp/nsight-aftermath
  • 4e37f1b Address Feedback.
  • 39e5b72 Async GPU: Correct flushing behavior to be similar to old async GPU behavior.
  • 1b3be8a MaxwellDMA: Correct copying on accuracy level.
  • 644588f ShaderCache/PipelineCache: Cache null shaders.
  • f616dc0 Address Feedback.
  • ec2f3e4 Fix GCC error.
  • 7f44f22 Correct Linux Compile Error.
  • d2d4a6c Clang format.
  • b3e5f17 QueryCache: Only do async flushes on async gpu.
  • f4ab223 Async GPU: Only do reactive flushing on Extreme Level.
  • b752faf vk_fence_manager: Initial implementation
  • 0649f05 QueryCache: Implement Async Flushes.
  • 131b342 OpenGL: Guarantee writes to Buffers.
  • 1fb516c GPU: Implement Flush Requests for Async mode.
  • b7bc3c2 FenceManager: Manage syncpoints and rename fences to semaphores.
  • 96bb961 BufferCache: Refactor async managing.
  • b10db7e FenceManager: Implement async buffer cache flushes on High settings
  • 4adfc9b Rasterizer: Document SignalFence & ReleaseFences and setup skeletons on Vulkan.
  • a081a7c GPU: Fix rebase errors.
  • e84eb64 Rasterizer: Disable fence managing in synchronous gpu.
  • 165ae82 ThreadManager: Sync async reads on accurate gpu.
  • 57fdbd9 FenceManager: Implement should wait.
  • 1f345eb GPU: Implement a Fence Manager.
  • 487379c OpenGL: Implement Fencing backend.
  • ed7e965 TextureCache: Flush linear textures after finishing rendering.
  • 339d0d9 GPU: Delay Fences.
  • 8b1eb44 BufferCache: Implement OnCPUWrite and SyncGuestHost
  • da8f177 GPU: Refactor synchronization on Async GPU
  • a60a22d Texture Cache: Implement OnCPUWrite and SyncGuestHost
  • 084ceb9 UI: Replasce accurate GPU option for GPU Accuracy Level
  • 52e6677 Set _FORTIFY_SOURCE=0 if building Opus with mingw-w64
  • c883cd1 Init SDL info structure and add dummy context
  • bfee33c service/time: Remove reliance on the global system accessor
  • 2bfac7b thread: FPCR.FZ is likely not 1
  • dcbb39c CMakeLists: Make missing declarations a compile-time error
  • e2d8be1 General: Resolve warnings related to missing declarations
  • fc5df84 CMakeLists: Enable -Wmissing-declarations on Linux builds
  • 0e232cf renderer_vulkan: Integrate Nvidia Nsight Aftermath on Windows
  • 6cfe2a7 renderer_vulkan: Remove Nvidia checkpoints
  • 16105c6 renderer_vulkan: Catch device losses in more places

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