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2 years ago


  • 24a9694 "Merge Tagged PR 1012"
  • c6aec2b "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • ffbd53a "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • 497c626 "Merge Tagged PR 3345"
  • 4492556 Merge pull request #3624 from Kewlan/fix-sl-sr-position
  • 848d619 Place SL and SR in the right most column.
  • b128beb Merge pull request #3572 from FearlessTobi/port-5127 [ emu/citra#5127 ]
  • 26ed654 Merge pull request #3621 from SilverBeamx/fullnamefix
  • 863f738 Addressed feedback: switched to snake case and fixed clang-format errors
  • f316911 Merge pull request #3599 from ReinUsesLisp/revert-3499 [ #3499 ]
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  • 5a66ca4 Removed leftover test code
  • 6b512d7 Addressed feedback: removed CMake hack in favor of building the necessary strings via the supplied title format
  • 487f9ba Merge pull request #3489 from namkazt/patch-2
  • 22b5d52 Hack BUILD_FULLNAME into GenerateSCMRev.cmake
  • 935648f address nit.
  • bf1174c Apply suggestions from code review
  • 27f122c file_sys: fix LayeredFS error when loading some games made with… (#3602)
  • 588a20b Merge pull request #3513 from ReinUsesLisp/native-astc
  • 2c98e14 shader_decode: SULD.D using std::pair instead of out parameter
  • 9efa513 shader_decode: SULD.D avoid duplicate code block.
  • 7f56965 shader_decode: SULD.D fix conversion error.
  • 2906372 shader_decode: SULD.D implement bits64 and reverse shader ir init method to removed shader stage.
  • 730f9b5 silent warning (conversion error)
  • 9f6ebcc shader_decode: SULD.D -> SINT actually same as UNORM.
  • 6f2b708 shader_decode: SULD.D fix decode SNORM component
  • 69657ff clang-format
  • 24cc64c shader_decode: get sampler descriptor from registry.
  • acd3f0a tweaking.
  • 8370188 clang-format
  • 3e3afa9 cleanup unuse params
  • 5cd5857 cleanup debug code.
  • 6581127 reimplement get component type, uncomment mistaken code
  • 3ad06e9 remove disable optimize
  • f24c2e1 [wip] reimplement SULD.D
  • 58bcb86 add shader stage when init shader ir
  • 2cefdd9 clang-fix
  • 1f3d142 shader: image - import PredCondition
  • 08db603 shader: SULD.D bits32 implement more complexer method.
  • ed1d8be shader: SULD.D import StoreType
  • 6d235b8 shader: implement SULD.D bits32
  • 80c4fee Revert "Merge pull request #3499 from ReinUsesLisp/depth-2d-array"
  • dd12327 gl_texture_cache: Fix software ASTC fallback
  • 2f0da10 vk_device: Add missing ASTC queries
  • b6571ca video_core: Use native ASTC when available
  • 16270dc gl_device: Detect if ASTC is reported and expose it
  • bd0c56c common: Port some changes from dolphin (#5127)

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