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3 years ago


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  • 42de5ec "Merge Tagged PR 2976"
  • 5a3d881 "Merge Tagged PR 2987"
  • 62a7bdf "Merge Tagged PR 2995"
  • dd2e96b Merge pull request #3001 from bunnei/fix-clang-error
  • a86a881 core: Fix clang-format errors.
  • 8d009a7 Merge pull request #2998 from cociorbaandrei/fix_null_pderef
  • 20521da Fix null pointer deref.
  • dc5eede Merge pull request #2994 from lioncash/fmt
  • 074b38b video_core/shader/ast: Make ShowCurrentState() and SanityCheck() const member functions
  • 222f4b4 video_core/shader/ast: Make ASTManager::Print a const member function
  • fd922dd Merge pull request #2993 from lioncash/vulkan-expr
  • 7831e86 video_core/shader/ast: Make ExprPrinter members private
  • a2eccbf video_core/shader/ast: Make Indent() return a string_view
  • 15d177a video_core/shader/ast: Make Indent() private
  • 7f6a8a3 video_core/shader/ast: Rename Ident() to Indent()
  • 0815306 video_core/shader/ast: Make use of fmt where applicable
  • d1713ad Merge pull request #2992 from lioncash/dmnt
  • c6bec9a vk_shader_decompiler: Mark operator() function parameters as const references
  • 2c34d8a dmnt_cheat_vm: Correct register Restore and ClearRegs behavior
  • 219fdcb Merge pull request #2966 from FernandoS27/astc-formats
  • a21b88e Merge pull request #2979 from lioncash/macro
  • 7cf091b Merge pull request #2989 from lioncash/apm
  • 7398466 Merge pull request #2990 from lioncash/warn
  • 125caf5 video_core/macro_interpreter: Make definitions of most private enums/unions hidden
  • 98c6a95 core/core: Resolve -Wreorder warnings
  • 6414d9e core/memory/cheat_engine: Resolve -Wreorder warnings
  • b77430d apm/controller: Make SetPerformanceConfiguration() use an array of pairs over a map
  • 141d929 apm/controller: Make GetCurrentPerformanceMode() a const member function
  • 9fe8072 Merge pull request #2980 from lioncash/warn
  • 77b4916 control_flow: Silence truncation warnings
  • c9c75f9 maxwell_3d: Silence truncation warnings
  • f32a49d Surfaces: Implement R4G4B4A4U format.
  • b9ddb51 Surfaces: Implement ASTC 6x6 10x10 12x12 8x6 6x5

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