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2 years ago


  • 68a1b14 "Merge Tagged PR 1012"
  • f529784 "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • 275d07b "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • c7db1ef Merge pull request #3470 from bunnei/fix-smash-srgb
  • 5056d23 renderer_opengl: Fix SRGB presentation frame tracking.
  • 969357a Merge pull request #3430 from bunnei/split-presenter [ emu/citra#4940 ]
  • ebbfe73 renderer_opengl: Reduce swap chain size to 3.
  • e1efab1 AM/ICommonStateGetter: Stub SetLcdBacklighOffEnabled (#3454)
  • db2f547 shader: FMUL switch to using LUT (#3441)
  • a17214b renderer_opengl: Use more concise lock syntax.
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  • aef1593 renderer_opengl: Move Frame/FrameMailbox to OpenGL namespace.
  • 795893a renderer_opengl: Create gl_framebuffer_data if empty.
  • c6f78a4 frontend: qt: bootmanager: Acquire a shared context in main emu thread.
  • e252975 frontend: qt: bootmanager: Vulkan: Restore support for VK backend.
  • 14877b8 frontend: qt: bootmanager: OpenGL: Implement separate presentation thread.
  • b2a38cc frontent: qt: main: Various updates/refactoring for separate presentation thread.
  • 667f026 core: frontend: Refactor scope_acquire_window_context to scope_acquire_context.
  • 2e16c23 frontend: sdl2: emu_window: Implement separate presentation thread.
  • dc672ca renderer_opengl: Add texture mailbox support for presenter thread.
  • add2c38 renderer_opengl: Add OGLRenderbuffer to resource/state management.
  • 0c82b00 core: frontend: emu_window: Add TextureMailbox class.
  • 571451b core: settings: Add setting to enable vsync, which is on by default.

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