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  • debcc12 "Merge Tagged PR 2976"
  • ef9b317 Merge pull request #2912 from FernandoS27/async-fixes
  • 6031506 Merge pull request #2984 from lioncash/fallthrough2
  • cf9e13c video_core/surface: Add missing break in PixelFormatFromTextureFormat()
  • 14f3ceb Merge pull request #2981 from lioncash/copy
  • 4f16ce9 gl_shader_decompiler: Make ExprDecompiler's GetResult() a const member function
  • 67df3f7 gl_shader_decompiler: Use a std::string_view with GetDeclarationWithSuffix()
  • 04a1161 gl_shader_decompiler: Fold flow_var constant into GetFlowVariable()
  • 2f2ab9b gl_shader_decompiler: Mark ASTDecompiler/ExprDecompiler parameters as const references where applicable
  • b8a62ad gl_shader_decompiler: Pass by reference to GenerateTextureArgument()
  • d1d7ce7 gl_shader_decompiler: Use std::holds_alternative within GenerateTexture()
  • 67658dd shader/node: std::move Meta instance within OperationNode constructor
  • 9760795 gl_shader_decompiler: Avoid unnecessary copies of MetaImage
  • 2299950 Merge pull request #2972 from lioncash/system
  • ba0086e Merge pull request #2977 from lioncash/algorithm
  • b25b944 video_core/gpu: Remove use of the global system accessor
  • cc1d704 bcat: Remove use of global system accessors
  • d570634 common/algorithm: Add description comment indicating intended algorithms
  • ac4dbd3 common: Rename binary_find.h to algorithm.h
  • 574440d nvflinger/buffer_queue: Remove use of a global system accessor
  • cfc2f30 AsyncGpu: Address Feedback
  • 538f588 GL_Renderer: Remove lefting snippet.
  • 7539560 NvFlinger: Remove leftover from corrections and clang format.
  • 9f2719d Gl_Rasterizer: Protect CPU Memory mapping from multiple threads.
  • 3f10446 Core: Wait for GPU to be idle before shutting down.
  • 69fa2e6 Nvdrv: Correct Event setup in Nvdrv
  • 782b7a0 NVFlinger: Reverse the change that only signaled events on buffer acquire.
  • ffc2ce8 Nvdrv: Do framelimiting only in the CPU Thread
  • 976d9ef NvFlinger: Don't swap buffers if a frame is missing and always trigger event in sync gpu.
  • 5b5e60f GPU_Async: Correct fences, display events and more.
  • 4e9f975 Nvdrv: Correct Async regression and avoid signaling empty buffer vsyncs

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