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2 years ago


  • 60027e6 "Merge Tagged PR 1012"
  • 0bd9ded "Merge Tagged PR 1340"
  • e69c5c9 "Merge Tagged PR 1703"
  • ca772d3 "Merge Tagged PR 3366"
  • b5bbe7e Merge pull request #3282 from FernandoS27/indexed-samplers
  • 2916c1b Merge pull request #3268 from CJBok/deadzone
  • 69a6796 Merge pull request #3284 from CJBok/hid-fix
  • bb8eb15 Shader_IR: Address feedback.
  • 806f569 Shader_IR: Change name of TrackSampler function so it does not confuse with the type.
  • 3919b7b Shader_IR: Corrections, styling and extras.
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  • 37b8504 Shader_IR: Correct Custom Variable assignment.
  • 7c530e0 Shader_IR: Propagate bindless index into the GL compiler.
  • 3c34678 Shader_IR: Implement Injectable Custom Variables to the IR.
  • 2b02f29 GL Backend: Introduce indexed samplers into the GL backend
  • 037ea43 Shader_IR: deduce size of indexed samplers
  • f4603d2 Shader_IR: Setup Indexed Samplers on the IR
  • 603c861 Shader_IR: Implement initial code for tracking indexed samplers.
  • 64496f2 Shader_IR: Address Feedback
  • b97608c Shader_IR: Allow constant access of guest driver.
  • dc5cfa8 Shader_IR: Address Feedback
  • 74aa7de Guest_driver: Correct compiling errors in GCC.
  • 1e4b6be Shader_IR: Store Bound buffer on Shader Usage
  • c921e49 GPU: Implement guest driver profile and deduce texture handler sizes.
  • 635deb7 Moved analog direction logic to sdl_impl
  • 231d9c1 Corrected directional states sensitivity
  • 83be9fc Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
  • ae7fd01 hid: Fix analog sticks directional states
  • 2fa9a96 const correction
  • 90f9c83 clang
  • 351e3fb Update configure_input_player.cpp
  • 4a566b9 Added deadzone controls for sdl engine at input settings

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