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3 years ago


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  • bb8d924 "Merge Tagged PR 2945"
  • ffcda8a "Merge Tagged PR 2966"
  • c274fd5 Merge pull request #2968 from FreddyFunk/fix-zl-zr-analog-triggers
  • cd2efed Merge pull request #2930 from DarkLordZach/gamecard-partitions
  • e0b9ee9 card_image: Implement system update commands in XCI
  • be5dc68 fixed clang format & addressed feedback
  • a31c6b2 yuzu/configure_input_player: Fix input handling for ZL and ZR from controllers with analog triggers
  • c4f3400 card_image: Add accessors for raw partitions in XCI
  • 3952c73 card_image: Lazily load partitions in XCI
  • 3895f7e pfs: Provide accessors for file sizes and offsets

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