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2 months ago


  • 837de4c "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • bfdd512 Merge pull request #9365 from liamwhite/val
  • e1f5f4b Merge pull request #9370 from liamwhite/break-unmapped
  • 08d4e7c Merge pull request #9393 from liamwhite/more-vulkan
  • 4b7e73e Merge pull request #9392 from lioncash/reporter
  • d8534ea Merge pull request #9390 from lioncash/keyboard
  • bbdb6d3 Merge pull request #9389 from lioncash/emumove
  • a86af1b Merge pull request #9386 from lioncash/init
  • 131ed37 Merge pull request #9395 from abouvier/cmake-find
  • a225ba4 Merge pull request #9391 from abouvier/cmake-sdl
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  • e86e144 Merge pull request #9387 from abouvier/cmake-libusb
  • 99494e7 Merge pull request #9394 from lioncash/translate
  • dba8445 configure_graphics: Make SPIRV backend string translatable
  • bb3440f cmake: correct find modules
  • f385175 cmake: prefer system libusb
  • 7e7a233 vulkan_common: further initialization tweaks
  • eadc1ae reporter: Pass by const reference where applicable
  • e7f9f58 reporter: Eliminate undefined behavior in SaveErrorReport
  • e6ae720 cmake: use sdl2 imported target
  • fedd857 applets/controller: Use aliases for callbacks
  • d8da9a2 applets/error: Use aliases for callbacks
  • 2b40cdf applets/mii_edit: Use aliases for callbacks
  • a84676c applets/profile_select: Use aliases for callbacks
  • e26c86a applets/web_browser: Use aliases for callbacks
  • 9bbb776 applets/software_keyboard: Use aliases for callbacks
  • e4a16f5 emulated_controller: Remove unused parameter in GetMappedDevices()
  • 87543b9 emulated_controller: Use std::move() in GetMappedDevices()
  • 7bf4b45 emulated_console: Amend cast in SetTouch()
  • 4255e30 emulated_console: std::move() ParamPackages and callbacks where applicable
  • efa8711 kernel/k_shared_memory: Ensure device_memory is always initialized
  • c3fd211 kernel/k_memory_block: Ensure members are always initialized
  • dcca650 kernel/physical_core: Ensure is_interrupted is always initialized
  • dddc9bb kernel/thread: Ensure stack_top and argument are always initialized
  • 4769d79 kernel/kernel: Ensure shutdown threads are always initialized
  • 6072b22 core: add option to break on unmapped access
  • be05cb6 vulkan_common: quiet some validation errors

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