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2 months ago


  • 9221da7 "Merge Tagged PR 6833"
  • 7661c5c "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • a52d0b8 Merge pull request #9381 from liamwhite/uninit
  • cec3a3c service_thread: fix uninitialized memory usage
  • 3b9db85 Merge pull request #9232 from bunnei/audio-default-thread
  • 522e7c5 Merge pull request #9273 from ameerj/per-game-profile
  • ec54782 Merge pull request #9372 from liamwhite/vk12
  • 919b4ac Merge pull request #9379 from liamwhite/cmake-mess
  • 0cbfdf7 yuzu-cmd: link SDL2 correctly
  • 157981c vulkan_common: add feature test for shaderDrawParameters
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  • 18831e0 vulkan_common: clean up extension usage
  • ea56d8f vulkan_common: correct usage of timeline semaphore fallbacks
  • f23f875 vulkan_common: ensure all mandatory features are tested in feature report
  • 06a67d2 vulkan_common: unsuffix 16-bit storage feature test structure
  • bbc1809 vulkan_common: unsuffix timeline semaphore feature test structure
  • a9633ba vulkan_common: add logicOp to feature report
  • 7fc6514 vulkan_common: promote host query reset usage to core
  • e44a804 vulkan_common: promote descriptor update template usage to core
  • a948ab3 vulkan_common: promote timeline semaphore usage to core
  • f4b5570 Merge pull request #9375 from jbeich/xbyak-no-install
  • 02b10a6 Merge pull request #9374 from liamwhite/externals
  • 6d2c597 externals: update dynarmic, SDL2
  • 14440b1 externals: disable xbyak install targets after cbaf642
  • 4cbbf59 configure_input_player: Fix profile saving when using handheld controller type
  • 3de0572 config: Custom profile detection fixes
  • b1b20ad configure_input_per_game: Allow configuring all 8 players
  • 9efdad6 Configuration: Add per-game input profiles
  • 0d6a882 hle: service: audio: Use default service thread.

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