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2 months ago


  • 9af6788 "Merge Tagged PR 9042"
  • 84b8cea "Merge Tagged PR 9232"
  • f77cc6c Merge pull request #9344 from liamwhite/null
  • 75e1654 Merge pull request #9300 from ameerj/pch
  • 22aff09 Merge pull request #9289 from liamwhite/fruit-company
  • ac0721a Merge pull request #9353 from vonchenplus/draw_indexed
  • cb5400b video_core: Fine tuning the index drawing judgment logic
  • 5b5612c CMake: Consolidate common PCH headers
  • 3c39c0a string_util: Fix Mingw compile error
  • 51358d2 CMake: Disable PCH on MSVC + Buildcache configs
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  • 37bc511 CMake: Use precompiled headers
  • 5695ae6 externals: Update dynarmic
  • cae6c13 value.h: remove recursive include
  • 89dd7dc video_core: add null backend
  • 9737615 general: fix compile for Apple Clang

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